Volvo to Start Selling Self-Driving Cars in 5 Years

Volvo is trying to compete with the likes of Google and Tesla inside the self-driving market. The automaker plans to hit the market with an self sustaining car in 5 years.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said that the automobile could be ready with a steering wheel as well as with a full autopilot device. Volvo currently inked a $300 million cope with Uber to sell self sustaining vehicles.

Speaking at the worldwide Mobility management discussion board, Samuelsson elaborated that Volvo’s full autopilot system will be absolutely independent and now not supervised. “with a view to make the top rate car, even more, top rate,” he added.

Volvo Self-Driving Cars

Volvo has set itself a 5-year timeline. It aims to take the autopilot device to a new level by using surpassing Tesla’s cutting-edge autopilot device, which requires drivers to hold their hand at the guidance wheel. It additionally requires them to stay alert to take over within the case of an emergency.

Volvo is presently imparting automatic taxis for Uber’s checking out application in Pittsburgh. Samuelsson stated that the enterprise plans to dominate the self-using automobile marketplace. This section is rapid becoming crowded with principal technology and automobile agencies looking to seize a marketplace percentage. presently, Google, Tesla, and Uber are at the vanguard. on the identical time, GM is likewise seeking to increase its self-driving vehicles.