Trendy Feature in Windows10 for next Generation

Windows10 add new feature like

GodMode : It is like a Control Panel where we puts lot of thing in a one place.

Stylish Desktop : You can easily made your desktop and icon stylish.In this version ,we can select color from a desktop and easily apply on an icon.

Record Games and App videos : You can now record videos of apps or games using the Game DVR function. Press the Windows Key+ G, click ‘Yes, this is a game box,’ and then you’ll see options to manipulate the recording.

Trendy Feature in Windows10 for next Generation

Trendy Feature in Windows10 for next Generation

Battery Saver: Most people uses laptop so it is necessary to save battery. In Windows10 provides background services and other threads so that you can save battery life out of your machine.To enable Battery Saver, click the Start menu, and open Settings -> System -> Battery Saver.

OneDrive integration : Free cloud storage is a god gift send these days, and Microsoft uses in Windows 10 with OneDrive. You can use it for store files for mobile device access from iOS or Android, and you can even access any file on your PC remotely.

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