The 50 Best Universities in the World Today

University rankings depend on many different factors, including campus captivation satisfaction of students and alums, fast and loose benefits (such as top athletics programs), availability of tuition, and expected income of graduates.

if you see is on academic prestige, intellectual horsepower and scholarly excellence, this article show ranking as you want. At the top universities in this top ranking, you will be clean shoulders with the brightest faculty and students in the world, increasing your knowledge with skills so that you yourself will be in a position to join the world’s elite academics, scientists, and thinkers.

The 50 Best Universities in the World Today

For this top 50 ranking, we looked to the Center for World Class top Universities operated by Shanghai Jiao Tong best University is . This center specializes in top ranking universities everywhere the world by academic performance.

Accordingly, we identified the 50 top universities today Academic Ranking of World Universities, better known as my view Shanghai Ranking. Taking the Shanghai Ranking as our point of departure, we researched the most important characteristics of each of the top 50 best universities on the list in order to reveal why each university appears where it does.

The 50 Best Universities in the World Today

How do American universities compare against the competition overseas. Next to each university in our top 50 ranking is the country where the top university resides. The country that you will find strongly represented is the United States. Indeed, over half of the world’s 100 best universities (46 to be exact) are in the U.S.

As you read this list, you willl read some interesting things. Of the 10 universities in the world, the 8 are in the US. Mostly Ivy League schools are on the list. Also, Best more University of California campuses are on this list as well.

The 50 Best Universities in the World are –

1    Harvard University [1st in U.S.]
2    Stanford University … [2nd in U.S.]
3    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) … [3rd in U.S.]
4    University of California at Berkeley … [4th in U.S.]
5    University of Cambridge
6    Princeton University … [5th in U.S.]
7    California Institute of Technology (Caltech) … [6th in U.S.]
8    Columbia University … [7th in U.S.]
9    University of Chicago … [8th in U.S.]
10    Oxford University(Oxford, UK)
11    Yale University … (New Haven, CT, USA)
12    University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) … [10th in U.S.]
13    University of California Los Angeles UCLA(Los Angeles, CA, USA)
14    Cornell University … (Ithaca, NY, USA)
15    University of California at San Diego … [12th in U.S.]
16    University of Washington … [13th in U.S.]
17    University of Pennsylvania … [14th in U.S.]
18    Johns Hopkins University … [15th in U.S.]
19    University of California at San Francisco … [16th in U.S.]
20    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
21    University College London(London, UK)
22    University of Tokyo(Tokyo, Japan)
23    Imperial College London(London, UK)
24    University of Michigan … (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)
25    University of Toronto(Toronto, ON, Canada)
26    University of Wisconsin … (Madison, WI, USA)
27    Kyoto University(Kyoto, Japan)
28    New York University … (New York, NY, USA)
29    Northwestern University … (Evanston, IL, USA)
30    University of Illinois … (Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA)
31    University of Minnesota … (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, USA)
32    Duke University … (Durham, NC, USA)
33    Washington University … (St. Louis, MO, USA)
34    Rockefeller University … (New York, NY, USA)
35    University of Colorado … (Boulder, CO, USA)
36    Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris, France)
37    University of North Carolina … (Chapel Hill, NC, USA)
38    University of British Columbia(Vancouver, BC, Canada)
39    University of Manchester(Manchester, UK)
40    University of Texas … (Austin, TX, USA)
41    University of Copenhagen(Copenhagen, Denmark)
42    University of California at Santa Barbara … (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
43    University of Paris-Sud (Paris, France)
44    University of Maryland …(College Park, MD, USA)
45    University of Melbourne(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
46    University of Edinburgh
47    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center …(Dallas, TX, USA)
48    Karolinska Institute(Solna, Sweden)
49    University of California at Irvine … (Irvine, CA, USA)
50    Heidelberg University(Heidelberg, Germany)
51    University of Munich(Munich, Germany)

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