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Huawei Honor 8 Smartphone’ is Coming to India Soon

Huawei has introduced that its Honor eight phone is coming to India soon. A Huawei spokesperson on Thursday stated that the employer might launch its Honor eight cellphone in India in coming weeks. the honour 8 will be the newest Honor collection smartphone to hit the Indian marketplace after the honour P9 and Honor 7.

India May Get 5G Networks With the Rest of the World – Telecom Secretary

On Wednesday,Telecom Secretary J S Deepak ,”India is ready to enter Internet of Things (IoT).” So, 5G Network Technology provides by India to the rest of the world.It is crucial for India to enter the era of  IoT. Important aspect is that 2G,3G,4G developed but it used by the world after its global launch.Deepak,”We(India)have a