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Google to Build Massive Headquarters in London

Google has confirmed its plans to build its new headquarters in London. The task with the intention to entail about £1 billion in investment is expected to generate 3,000 jobs with the aid of 2020. The plan became first stated 3 years in the past. The statement is possibly to be seen as a vote

Google Launched Allo Messaging App With Duo Video Chat

Google launched its app in market Google Allo. Allo is the communication platform made in conjunction with Google Duo. Duo App was announced in August. Duo is a video chat client which connects to your phone number. The Duo app in Android or iOS allows you to chat with your contact. Google Allo handles the

Whatsapp Will Share Your Phone Number With Facebook – Update, Prvivacy policy

WhatsApp changed in its privacy policy and take decision to share the phone number of WhatsApp users with Facebook.The world people, government organisations and everyone with slightest interest in privacy and the internet and taking a more at the new WhatsApp policy. Delhi high court against WhatsApp over its move to share data with Facebook.The

Pokémon Go update : You Can change nicknames, replaces ‘Nearby’ with ‘Sightings’

Most users now have the facility to change their username once and a bug that prevented bonus XP from throws has been resolved. Pokémon Go Update Version 1.3 is rolling out on iOS and give a few minor features and fixes to the hit game. Pokémon Go update And user can customize thier style avatars

Google Provide iPad users split-screen multitasking for Docs, Sheets, Slides

iPad users will lastly revieve split-screen multitasking on iOS versions of Slides, Docs and Sheets thanks to an update Google released Wednesday. For iPad Pro and the iPad Air 2 update allows users of recent models to edit a document or spreadsheet while running one more app at the similar time on the other side

Best Web Browsers Features in 2016 With Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge vs Safari vs Opera vs IE

Best Internet Browsers in 2016 Web browsers are software application that allows you to access the internet and website. Web browser allows you to read,text and play video online.These services primarily focus on accessing the internet and allows you to access private information on web servers and file systems with high security.  Best Web Browsers