Should you buy the iPhone 6S for Christmas or wait for the iPhone 7 next year?

iPhone 7  rumours in the market.The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models recently reached in the hands of customers, but Apple has “big plans” for the iPhone 7.

New iPhone is already in a market so it is worth holding for next model which is likely to come in September 2016.One of the most recent rumours – that Apple currently has five different prototype handsets.

iPhone 7

Waterproof design

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have significantly greater water resistance.Some tech experts believe that the changes may foreshadow a completely waterproof iPhone7 in 2016.

New camera setup

More exciting rumoured hardware updates is the introduction of a dual main camera.A dual camera is not related for front and rear facing apertures, but it improves functionality of the main camera, it introduce optical zoom and replace the fuzzy digital zoom. The new camera improve 12 megapixel resolution currently available on the 6S.

Wireless charging

Apple is behind the curve on this one, as Samsung, Sony and LG have already released phones that charge without needing to be plugged in.If a phone capable of charging without cables is a necessity for you.

New 3D multi-touch?

In 3D touch feature, pressure is applied to the screen in order to execute different commands, expanded to introduce even more new ways to navigate the phone.3D touch gain more functionality on the iPhone 7 .Apple are testing five different handsets, with the latest version of 3D touch.

iPhone 7

Intel inside?
The next generation of Apple iPhones powered by an Intel chip.The report claims that the chip manufacturer Intel has a team of 1,000 workers trying to ensure that they seal the deal.

OLED or LCD screen?
Apple was considering introducing an OLED screen for the new iPhone 7.
The main difference between the LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens currently used for iPhones and their OLED  is that LCD displays use a backlight to illuminate their pixels, while OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens create light on their own.

Panic button
Apple recently granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office has prompted speculation that the iPhone 7 might include a built-in “panic button”. According to the patent, the fingerprint scanner, which serves as a home button, used to lock the device and transmit a warning signal to the emergency services.

Could iPhone 7 interface with the Apple car?
One of the more rumours doing the rounds is that the iPhone 7 could give a preview of the forthcoming Apple car, even allow them to order one through an inbuilt app in the phone.

Sapphire screen

“A sapphire screen has long been rumoured for the iPhone,” Since Apple uses sapphire on the Apple Watch, it make sense for them to adapt it to the phone. We note that Apple is using the stronger aluminium from the Apple Watch Sport for the iPhone 6S case.” Sapphire is good for to avoid scratches and scuffs.

Faster, better, stronger

The iPhone 7 is rumoured with a ‘hexa-core’ processor, which will make the phone speedier than the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus


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