Nanowall 3D technology to deliver super touchscreen experience

Researchers has first time decided to work on display quality and touchscreen experience so they used 3D print technology.A transparent electrode is used in current technology, which made of gold or silver “nanowalls” on a glass surface to deliver super touchscreen experience.

Nanowall 3D technologyToday in touchscreen,have a higher conductivity and are more transparent than those made of indium tin oxide so it gives a better the screen quality and precision to the touchscreen.

As per Researchers Team of Patrik Rohner, a PhD student in Poulikakos “Indium tin oxide is used,because it has a high degree of transparency and the production of thin layers has been well researched, but it is only moderately conductive”

To produce more conductive electrodes uses gold and silver which conduct more electricity.These metals are not transparent so use a third dimension.

Nanowall 3D technology 1As per Poulikakos says,To high conductivity and transparency wires made from these metals.But gold and silver wires grows the conductivity increases and the grid’s transparency decreases.

To make proper work,the team used metal walls only 80 to 500 nanometres thick.The walls are two to four times taller than they are wide, so conductivity was found sufficiently high.

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