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iPhone’s secret settings can be access by Simple code

Globe technology provide how to iPhone’s secret settings can be access by user and also information.

Simple code can allow you to access hidden information from your iPhone it’s also allow you to make any changes to its private settings.

iPhone’s Field Mode is hidden,but tool allows you to see extra information about your phone is connected to internet.

iPhone’s secret settingsIn that you have to dial *3001#12345#* and then pressing the call button.Your phone will switch onto a grey screen after which you will see extra information.

Most useful feature is included in this tool that detailed signal strength indicator which appear in top-left hand corner.

Anything above -80 is equivalent with full bars on the normal scale. Anything below -110, it would be one or no bars and you are able to easily make a phone call.

The maximum strength ever achieved is around -40. No reception at all is around -120, though it goes all the way to -140.

You can keep that number in the corner then hold down the power button instead of using dots. The message to turn the phone off will appear, and then press the home button.

Users can switch between the two ways of viewing the signal by pressing on the display in the top-left hand corner.

There are a range of codes that offer other information.

Press *#33# you can see the status of your call barring settings. This tool can be turned on and off  by pressing *33*pin# and #33&pin#.