Why your iPhone battery dies with 50% , technology trend

It is necessary to check your iPhone life about how much battery power it has left?

Apple says,If  your iPhone is suffering  from error then it is necessary to fix it.The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have strong fearture which help to user to maintain the level on the battery power freezes after people change time zones or manually change the time.iPhone battery icon on the top right of your screen might show 50% when it is going to die.technology trend

Why your iPhone battery dies with 50%

Why your iPhone battery dies with 50%

To fix the problem, Apple suggests that it is necessary to restart the iPhone,user have go to

Settings> General > Date & Time and make sure that “Set Automatically” is turned on.

If the problem persists, Apple says customers should contact Apple Support.Apple is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause and a solution.Complaints about the battery issue is coming from the iPhone 6S’launch.

But Apple’s(AAPL,Tech30)solution is the first time that the company acknowledged the problem and explained a workaround for affected customers.