How to Get 2GB Google Drive Storage for Free

Google is once again giving 2GB of free permanent storage to Google Drive to users.All users need to do  a short security check up on their Google Account.

Global technology : The account security checkup process will check  your account recovery options, connected devices, services with permissions, and 2-step verification settings. After completed, users will see a final page. After completed the Security Checkup,Google added 2GB of free Drive storage to your Google account

Google Drive Storage

Google Drive Storage

In November last year,the Google gave 1TB of Drive storage for free if you contributed to make its mapping and navigation service better.The updated Google Maps’ Local Guides program, people who added useful information to Google maps by putting up reviews, uploading photos, or marking tourist spots are rewarded by firm.

In July, Google made its Cloud Storage Nearline and it is available to the general public. The company announced that it would offer storage of 100PB of space for free.