Google Play services will definitely come to China this year

Google Play services will definitely come to China this year, according to comments by Lenovo executive Chen Xudong

As per comment of Lenovo executive Chen Xudong,”Google Play services will definitely come to China this year“.As per Chain sentenced Google service will definitely come back anyway.

Lenovo’s Google Project Tango device will be priced less than $500.Google chose Huawei as a manufacturer for its Nexus 6P phones due to the company’s presence and influence in China,but it was rumoured.

Google Play services

For Google,it is necessary for Play Services in China for growth of Google.China is crucial to Google because China is the biggest Internet and smartphone market in the world.

Google exited China in 2010.Google’s Android has become the leading smartphone OS in the world and is also dominant in China. But in China, users have experience of Google Play and Android as services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive etc are not available there. Last year, Google’s co-founder and now President of the parent company Alphabet, Sergey Brin had also indicated that Alphabet might do business in China.Google currently does sell ads to businesses in China. Given China’s importance, the re-launch of its Google Play Services in China should not come as a surprise to anyone.

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