Facebook Messenger Payments – How do I request money from a friend in Messenger?

What you think Facebook Messenger because everyone’s find out it, without a huge back and forth.

Facebook announced now it is rolling out polling and money prompt features to its popular messaging app, its features which are part of Facebook Messenger’s run to become a central online hub for people’s daily activities and interactions.

“Now a days its hard to get groups of people to make decisions and plans, from deciding what movie to go watch, what restaurant to go eat at and which day select for coffee, where to go on the next family vacation, and more,” the Messenger team which wrote in a post.

Facebook Messenger

To try it out, just tap the new Polls icon (it looks like a bar chart) while you’re in a group convo or tap More and select Poll. and now, just add your question and some possible answers for your friends to vote on, and press submit. Facebook Messenger The poll will appear right in the Messenger conversation, and your friends can easily cast their vote.

Only in US can use this featutre with iOS and Android devices. Just make sure you have the latest version of Messenger to give it a try.

Unlike Twitter’s public polling system, this  new Facebook Messenger feature only appears in the group you are chatting with. Those people in the group must have the latest version(update) of the facebook Messenger app on Android or iOS to see and interact with the poll.

Then Now When it comes payments, you don’t about anything remind your friend to send you money. Facebook Messenger is using this machine learning, not humans, to interpret “meaning and intent” behind words to determine if someone is requesting payment. for example, If your friend, now mentions that you owe that person $20, Messenger will show a pop-up.

This app Provide New Feature are :

  •  Central online hub for people’s fresh activities and interactions
  •  It’s often hard to get groups of people to make decisions and plans but the Messenger team wrote in a post.
  •  Messenger conversation
  •  This feature is available on iOS and Android devices in the US only