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Whatsapp Will Share Your Phone Number With Facebook – Update, Prvivacy policy

WhatsApp changed in its privacy policy and take decision to share the phone number of WhatsApp users with Facebook.The world people, government organisations and everyone with slightest interest in privacy and the internet and taking a more at the new WhatsApp policy. Delhi high court against WhatsApp over its move to share data with Facebook.The

5 Essential Ways To Safeguard Your SaaS Business – Global Technology

to creat a new software as a service (saas) product can be a tedious joirney that you , as founder you have to endure more cost from starting a new idea to create a proper on paper plan , lots of work and time must be dedicated before a business is start or launched .

India May Get 5G Networks With the Rest of the World – Telecom Secretary

On Wednesday,Telecom Secretary J S Deepak ,”India is ready to enter Internet of Things (IoT).” So, 5G Network Technology provides by India to the rest of the world.It is crucial for India to enter the era of  IoT. Important aspect is that 2G,3G,4G developed but it used by the world after its global launch.Deepak,”We(India)have a

Google Analytics can now Compile your data with automated insights.

Google analytics helps user to find important trends in their data.Google Analytics app is already updated in iOS and Android.So, In the Assistant screen, you see automatically generated insights. In Google analytics helps website or apps user to find out new users and find out where those new users came from. Google analytics is very

The 50 Best Universities in the World Today

University rankings depend on many different factors, including campus captivation satisfaction of students and alums, fast and loose benefits (such as top athletics programs), availability of tuition, and expected income of graduates. if you see is on academic prestige, intellectual horsepower and scholarly excellence, this article show ranking as you want. At the top universities

Sony Pictures Is Buying Zee’s Ten Sports Network For $385 Million

On Wednesday Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) announced that SPN made agreement to TEN Sports Network from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE) with approval of high budget $385 million.SPN adds leading sports channel in South Asia’s with sports channel include TEN 1, TEN 1 HD, TEN 2, TEN 3, TEN Golf HD, TEN Cricket. TEN