Facebook Announces Auto Captioning Video Updates for Ads – GlobTechno

Facebook introduced new features for video ads on its website, including automated captioning for sound-off videos and other updates to help advertisers to use its platform. Globtechno

Facebook generate new tool caption for video ads and delivers them to the advertiser.The ad creation tool include feature like review, edit and save to their video ad.Reporting and buying option available for Video Ads.

Auto Captioning Video Updates for Ads1

Auto Captioning Video Updates for Ads

Advertisers will now be able to see the percentage of people who have viewed their videos with sound globally.Advertisers can increase video view time by an average.

Numerous studies and campaigns have made it clear that capturing people’s attention at the very beginning of a video is the most effective way to advertise in a mobile feed environment

Video advertisers include their creative with visuals that get people to stop scrolling and watch the video so it will be the best business results on Facebook