Biggest smartphone myths busted By Global Technology

Biggest smartphone myths busted By Global technology

You have heard from multiple blogs, articles and emails, WhatsApp forwards and Facebook posts. But you should not believe you see on the internet.

Myth: Mobile phones can cause fires at petrol filling stations By Global Technology

Fact: Petroleum gas is flammable so it can be ignited by a spark. But spark will probably come from matches, lighters or static electricity and not your mobile phone. The fear is that a faulty phone or battery will cause a spark and fire.

Myth: You should not charge devices overnight,it will shorten battery life and also damage the device

Fact: Modern electronic devices has rechargeable batteries with safety circuits built in to prevent overcharging and any sort of damage.Once the battery is fully charged,it will stop charging on its own.

charge devices overnigh

charge devices overnigh


Myth: A larger battery means more battery life

Fact: Laptop,cellphone or any battery powered device,the battery life is is more closely related to how much power the device consumes.

Myth: Private browsing on your cellphone can keep you safe from hacker,tracking and so on

Fact: Most mobile phone browsers have a private or incognito mode but it does not keep any tracking cookies or history saved on the device. You can not hide your identity, location, activity or sites you visit from the internet service provider (whether Wi-Fi or GSM), from authorities may have access or from the owners of the sites.

Myth: Don’t take a call when your phone is charging because it can explode

Fact: It’s true that there have been a few cases of mobile phones and tablets exploding, but actually the batteries that caused a fire and exploded not the entire device.

The issue was occured due to low-quality of batteries, spurious chargers, dubious charging techniques . If you use good batteries and chargers you won’t have a problem.

Don't take a call when your phone is charging because it can explode

Don’t take a call when your phone is charging because it can explode










Myth: Mobile phones emit a radiation so don’t keep them in ‘sensitive’ areas like your trousers,jeans or shirt pocket

Fact: Any good phone from a reputed company has to pass strict SAR (Specific Absorption Rating) tests.It is necessary to have certification guarantees that the phone will not emit enough radiation for concern.