Best Web Browsers Features in 2016 With Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge vs Safari vs Opera vs IE

Best Internet Browsers in 2016

Web browsers are software application that allows you to access the internet and website. Web browser allows you to read,text and play video online.These services primarily focus on accessing the internet and allows you to access private information on web servers and file systems with high security.  Best Web Browsers Features in 2016.

The internet browsers based on speed,simplicity,security.

  • Speed and Compatibility

Web browser should load quickly on every major operating system.Each browser speed is tested on the same computer and internet speed.The fastest browsers load pages in under two seconds.

  • Feature Set

Web browser provides some feature to access web easily and fastly.Features like tabbed browsing, a customizable toolbar,bookmark and RSS feeds.

  • Security

Web Browser must give security to user and protect from hacker.This feature allows user to perform online transaction with easily.Security features such as privacy settings, pop-up blockers and anti-spyware.They keep your personal information secure.

  • Help & Support

Web Browsers are open source with technical support. Support comes in many forms, FAQs , email support to user guides.

Best Web Browsers Features in 2016

The Best Internet Browsers in 2016

Google Chrome

Its default web browser in the Google.This browser run not only on Mac but also Windows PC. Google Chrome allows to add extension.The browser is clutter free and can open multiple tabs smoothly.

Mozilla Firefox

Its more popular for its built in feature and useful for web developers. This browser allows effective management of bookmarks, blocks malware and allows pop-ups blockage.Firefox will now start to block Flash content from August 2016.


Opera is more popular on mobile devices. The browser is updated to give the latest browser features.Key feature of this browser is user-friendly interface and fast web page loading.Anyone can download the developer edition, so you can try out the features immediately.

Apple Safari

Apple Safari is the default browser for Mac with powerful features.Apple Safari is the best browser for Apple devices that run iOS.This browser is frequently update.Each new version comes with an improved user interface.


OmniWeb is the best browser for mac.OmniWeb has features like ad-blocking,RSS Feeds and Sidebar Tabs.Sidebar tabs allow the user to have a small visual preview of the open tabs.


Camino is run on Mac with unique design and high speed.Its designed only for Mac user with good user interface and design.This is not in market but still you can download it with new version on official website.


RocketMelt is for Mac User with high feature like Facebook integration.It allows you to access facebook without visiting the site.You can pin your favorite friends, Facebook pages, social networks without visiting the site.


Maxthon is useful for Mac and cloud browsing. Maxthon is a cross-platform browser. It allows syncing of browsing data across all your devices including smartphones, Windows, and Linux PC. Once you have installed Maxthon on all your devices you can access open tabs, bookmarks, and passwords across all your devices.


Torch is based on Chromium project. The browser comes with features, add-ons and extensions. They include; media grabber, Torch Player, Torch Games, Torch Torrent and Torch Music.

Flock Web Browser

Flock Web Browser is the alternative for Mozilla Firefox. The browser uses the Firefox 3 technology. The browser was designed to ease your interaction with RSS feed, blogs and social media sites.

Speed, Security and high compatibility highlighted above have these features. Whichever you choose to download has good features and will suit your browsing needs.

Google Maps updated with Wi-Fi-only mode

Globtechno report that ,”Google Maps will instantaly get WiFi only mode”.To use this feature user  need to update version 3.92 with new feature.

The  WiFi-only option is available in the Settings menu of the app. The mode allows users to stop to a WiFi connection when using the Google Maps app. The feature disconnects the Maps app from the cellular or data network. A small pop-up feature informs user that the app may use a small amount of mobile data be used.

According to news Google has provide more new feature that Google Maps that will notify users in case of mass transit delays.The feature will be used in transport for user.These can be helpful for who can travel via buses or trains frequently.

Google map was recently updated to multi-stops on a trip, taking the user travel experience to new level.The app allows you to enter a your destination and then allow intermediate stops.