Apple apologises about iPhone Error 53 – Global Technology

A new Error 53 message is bricking iPhones across the globe. A new error message that’s making iPhones around the world completely unusable across the web.

What is Error 53 on iPhone?

Error 53 occurs when a customer had Touch ID fingerprint sensor or Home button replaced by a third party updates their iPhone to iOS 9 or beyond. And some customers claim that they haven’t replaced the button,but slightly damaged the button. some say they’ve experienced the issue after getting the screen replaced (and not the Touch ID).

Error 53 on iPhone

Error 53 on iPhone

These customers come across the Error 53 code in iTunes after an update, and the worst part of all is that error can not be solved. Error 53 completely bricks the phone, making it unusable and entirely useless, and making any photos or data unaccessible.User communicate with Apple Support Communities to talk about the error.

Why does Error 53 occur? What causes Error 53?

Apple says that the reason for Error 53 is security. Touch ID is like a fingerprint sensor designed to help keep your iPhone secure and allow you to make secure mobile payments, so when Apple detects that an iPhone has an unauthorised Touch ID sensor installed it deems the iPhone unsafe and essentially kills it.

IOS checks that the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone or iPad correctly matches your device’s other components.

After checking ,If iOS finds a mismatch Touch ID  during Apple Pay use, then it is disabled. This security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent unauthorised Touch ID sensor from being used.

This is because Apple uses Secure data to keep your fingerprint data safe, and that information isn’t stored anywhere on Apple’s servers. It’s stored within the chip on your iPhone and is only accessible by the Touch ID sensor on your device.

How to avoid Error 53 on your iPhone

You have to update your iPhone or restore it.You don’t install a system update or restore your device from a backup. Your iPhone can not see Error 53.

This is not a perfect  solution but we expect Apple will definately solve this error.