Alzheimer’s Disease : High Sugar Intake may Increase the Risk

A recent take a look at has revealed that high sugar consumption is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s ailment.

The study revealed that high sugar intake would possibly cause speedy mind cells degeneration in order to cause reminiscence loss and later on Alzheimer’s disorder.

Excessive sugar stage within the blood is understood to motive diabetes or obesity. however, researchers from the university of bath discovered in the new examine that high sugar consumption might placed a person prone to growing Alzheimer’s ailment. this is because neurological conditions and blood glucose level have connections, and the macrophage migratory inhibition issue (MIF) that is responsible for blocking the disease may be vulnerable due to excessive glucose consumption.

High Sugar Alzheimer's Disease
Professor Jean van den Elsen from the college of tub explained the function of MIF in human’s immune system. MIF is a part of the immune reaction to resisting the proteins which are constructing up inside the brain. high sugar consumption could make MIF susceptible. If the hobby of MIF reduced due to glycation – a process that destroys the MIF – this could be the tipping point of Alzheimer’s ailment to development.

The primary intention of the examine is to discover if there may be a molecular hyperlink between Alzheimer’s disorder and glucose. The researchers monitored the mind of these who’ve Alzheimer’s disorder and those who do no longer have it to determine if there may be a high hazard of developing the disorder inspite of no diabetic history.

Rob Williams from branch of Biology and Biochemistry says that this research could help to find out how the Alzheimer’s disease develops. this could result in researchers to find treatments and preventive measures for the sickness.

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