8 Reasons Why Your Technology Initiative Failed

It’s one of the most Failur things in business . when you spend months planning a technology initiative, but it never gets success. These non-starters not only can injury egos. they can cost organizations untold expense, damage trust This championing projects and shot the ability to complete other projects. Here are eight reasons why it happens:

1. Unclear goals.

whenever your whole understands the underlying goals of a project and but he trying to make decisions in alignment with actually what you are trying to accomplish. As you add team members make sure they are on board in a way that not only tells them what to do, but also provides the why.

2. No buy-in.

every Different parts Of an organization have different announcing lines and goals. To get buy-in from other teams  before look your project can be beneficial to other groups within your organization. The political capital you could end up walking away with can be huge.

8 Reasons Why Your Technology Initiative Failed

3. Conflicting initiatives.

Once In a while these goals are complementary and sometimes they are at odds. but you want to keep your initiatives from falling into a political depth, include others in the planning phases. And as your projects mature, look for ways to keep communication running and trying to keep conflicts at a minimum. After all, conflicts often mean overlapping costs, so this should help keep your costs in check as well.

4. Costs.

every organization Depend on Cost concern now a days so make sure your initiatives stay within an appropriate cost structure

5. Bad tactics.

your technology Failed becuse you want to use Bad tactics so best think is avoid your Bad tactics. I find the best way to protect from less tactics is to use associate review to identify potential problems.

6. The technology is the wrong fit.

Sometimes technology Failed because is too new or buggy or simply doesn’t meet the goals of the initiative. The best way that your software feedback is right and good. For example, if you are implementing new Customer Relationship Management software and haven not review the project with sales teams then how can you be sure that the CRM right fit for the this organization

7. Bad project management.

Your Technology failed Reasons is that Depending on the scale of a project, a good project manager will regime in mostly critical aspects of a project, communicating change with key partner. Before you start a project, before think how the project will be handled and struture milestones and a communication plan early.

8. Communication.

Communication is main reasons Your team needs to be clear about all the things, fit goals, project plans and struture, who your partner are, who is investing i project, what to do when going over budget and anything else important. it’s to emphasize that if people do not know about every aspect of the project who can not successfully implement it.

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