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We know that Facebook is the most popular social network.It is familiar network all of you.Facebook provide feature like updating statuses,browsing profiles, pages, apps, and many more day to day actions.

Most people are not aware of tricks which can be perform on Facebook today. Global Technology

Removing Your Last Name in Your Facebook Profile

Facebook’s security checks, you are required to completely fill out your account details to successfully create an account. Facebook requires full name to saving their profile settings.

Removing Your Last Name in Your Facebook Profile

Removing Your Last Name in Your Facebook Profile

You will be able to drop your last name.

1) Open Mozilla Firefox (Firefox is required for this hack to work)

2) Open Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Connection Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration

3) In the HTTP Proxy Field, enter, port 8080, or use any Indonesian Proxy.

4) Open your facebook profile, go to Account settings — > Change Language to BAHASA INDONESIA

5) Remove your middle name & last name

Adding Animated Custom Tabs

Facebook doesn’t allow users to upload animated GIFs anywhere on the site.You can upload animated GIFs.There is trick that allows you.

1)       You must have Adobe Photoshop C5 & Quicktime Player.

2)       Select the animate GIF you want to upload.

3)       Open Adobe Photoshop CS5.Go to File > Import > Video frames to layers. In the File Name box, just enter *.* as your filename and choose your GIF image.

4)       Resize GIF to 111 x 74 pixels to fit the custom tab image .

5)       Save your file in a PSD format. Check the save option ‘LAYERS’

Creating Your Own Emoticon on Facebook Chat

This is not actually new trick on Facebook.From 2011,Facebook has allowed users to chat with their friend using custom emotions.It can be done by..

1)       Go to any profile, official Page, or event where you want to use an emoticon.

2)       Look the profile ID at the end of the URL, like “Mcdonalds”

3)       Place username or number in double brackets like [[Mcdonalds]]

4)       Enter that into a Facebook Chat or Message field.

Rage Faces IDs:

Not everyone really wants to have their header image clickable, but yet that’s the way Facebook header images work, or do they? Well, if you’re curious, you should give this one a try:

1)       Go to Albums – > Profile Pictures

2)       Select your current profile picture

3)       Adjust privacy setting to “Only Me”


Selecting OR Inviting All Friends

Selecting and inviting all of your friends in an event can be a difficult task,if you have more than 1,000 friends to send invitations to.

Luckily, this trick that allows users to select or invite all of their friends in an event or an app – with just one click

1)       Open Firefox and go to your Facebook page to invite all friends to like your page.

2)       Select “All Friends” instead of “Recent Interaction” so that you can invite all friends to your page. Scroll down it.

3)       Press Ctrl+Shift+K  key and a small window will appear at bottom.

4)       Paste the below code in it and click enter option.

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};

Above the tricks should be attempted with precaution.We are not aware of anyone ever getting in trouble for using the above tricks.so it is necessary to use all functionality of Facebook with very careful.