11 Facebook Messenger tricks By Global Technolody

11 Facebook Messenger tricks11 Facebook Messenger tricks

Glob Techno shares 11 Facebook messanger tricks as follows

Make voice and video calls free over the internet

Basically Messenger is known for sending text.But we can use for voice and video calls over the internet.Messanger app allows you can make voice and video call to other user who have this app.Facebook Messenger provides these service in a free.

Send Money

Facebook Messenger provides service to user for transfer money from your bank account to anyone.We have to follows these steps:

Tap the little icon on a phone, and then tap “Payments.”
Enter amount for send.
Add your Visa or MasterCard debit card.
Facebook doesn’t charge any fee for providing the service. You can add or manage your debit cards in the Messenger app, under “Payments” feature.

Talk to brands like Everlane

Facebook provides different custome service platform.so,Facebook is starting to integrate more businesses into Messenger.

Share your location

You can share your current location.You are doing a conversation,by using this app “Location” feature you share your location.

Send other apps through Messenger
Facebook Messenger integrate with different apps.So user can easily share information.User can easily access all the apps.

Use Messenger from Facebook’s web app
You have to login in to Messenger.com.

Messenger don’t need a Facebook Account :- Messenger app does not need a Facebook Account.In this year,Facebook provide feature ,you can access messanger by using a personal mobile number.

Mute a conversation :- You can a mute conversation without leaving it.You just need to tap “Notifications.”

Organize your group messages :- Messanger app allows you to create new group with a picture and name.So you can easily handle multiple groups.

Order an Uber ride
Messenger app integrated with Uber, which means you can use the app for conversation  without opening the Uber app.
Just log into your Uber account ,under the “Transportation” section of Messenger’s settings to get started.

Eventually you’ll be able to use “M,” Facebook’s futuristic virtual assistant
Facebook is working on virtual assistant called M ,it will work directly in Messenger.Facebook M is only available to a small group of people using the Messenger app.

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